I know a couple people on here have expertise in this kind of stuff, I'm hoping they chime in. I think SteveLehto and ????

Since mid-June I've been having issues with Asheville Ford and warranty work/repairs to My Focus ST.

I bought my ST from them last year. This summer I started having clicking noises at slow speeds while turning. I took it back to them and they performed a TSB, but did not specify what it was. That did not fix it so they got support from Ford Engineering, Ford Engineering said to replace the Strut Mount Bearing. I picked my car up after a couple days on a Friday and was told the parts would be in Tuesday or Wednesday of the next week. After a full week I called and was told the parts weren't in and I would receive a call when they did. I called about once a week from then, always waiting to talk to service (they ask if you are calling to schedule service or check on a car, one gets an answer one gets 5 minutes of hold or more before someone answers if at all.) I was not getting anywhere and they did not care if the car got fixed. I eventually got a case opened with Ford Customer Service through the rep on here. With my Ford CSM we worked out when the parts arrived and I called and scheduled my car. They then called my house(not the number I give to people to call me at) 2 days later to let me know the parts were in. I got the bearing replaced, they only did Left Front, and my car no longer made the noise. . . for a couple days.

When the noise came back quickly I was done with my summer stay in the area and could not wait another 5+ weeks for Asheville Ford to be pressured into doing warranty work. I took the car last week to another dealer in Indiana who specializes in performance Fords. They looked at the car and determined the wrong bearing was installed, it was for the regular non-ST. As well as telling me there is no TSB for the ST, that is for the non-ST. Ok, fine, they're going to replace the bearings and strut mounts.

Well, the left front was way worse off. The Control arm had a hole punched in it from an air chisel and a hole in the CV Boot. Pictures showing some damage are attached to the post. I also have the broken control arm in my possession.


The only place to have serviced the car other than oil changes (done at another Ford dealer) is Asheville Ford, so it is no doubt they did this. The Indiana dealer says since it is not a defect type thing, they cannot do it as warranty, it must be paid for. The estimate was ~$800 + tax assuming the CV joint itself is not damaged. I got a hold of the Asheville Ford Service Manager and explained the issue, I was sent pictures of the damage so I forwarded them to him as he asked. H would not return my calls for awhile. The Ford CSM I ahd been transferred to since I was now in a different region said he could not help because he cannot tell a dealer they have to pay for the repairs so I am stuck paying out of pocket for warranty repairs, no damage, done to the car by a dealer. The damage most likely came when pressing the steering knuckle back into the control arm, but I don't think it matters exactly what they were trying to do.


At this point I started the process of a BBB Claim, I still haven't finished sending it in, but it goes in steps and sometimes you have to wait to get things sent from them, collect paperwork, etc.

I eventually got a dialogue going with Asheville Ford. They are working with the same service rep I was, and those two parties have come to the conclusion is I should not be charged with anything to start with, since the car is under warranty. I'm told by them Ford's policy is the Indiana dealer is supposed to submit the repair as a warranty claim and can write details on the claim. Then Ford will decide who is responsible for the payment of the claim, be it Asheville Ford, the other dealer, or I guess possibly me.

The car was picked up today, and this was not the case. We got the two Ford CSM reps talking and the end result was I had to pay over $750 to get my car back. The Indiana dealer said they had no option to submit it to Ford as warranty because it is damage caused to the car.


So I have to force Asheville to pay, but all they do is hide behind the Ford reps. It looks like the route of small claims court recommended by a couple people is the way I have to go. It was recommended I name the owner of the dealer, that this will get results quicker. So now I ask for everyone's help. How do I find the name of the owner? What tips do you have for a small claims court case against a dealer? How hard will it be to do the small claims process in a place I have to drive 3 hours to get to? What all should I ask for in my claim (cost of repair, filing fees, mileage, time lost to it all, ???)?

My post about a STS last night stemmed a bit from this, I would like to have a second car to drive in times where one car is down.

Shortened Version thanks to Jariten1781:

(trying to cut out all the extra):

Car was clicking (defect)

Taken to Asheville Ford

Asheville Ford performs warranty work (incorrect TSB, later incorrect strut mount bearing)


Taken to another dealership who discovers incorrect work and damage then repairs it (not a defect, repairs damage caused by Asheville)

Now trying to get Asheville to pay for the repairs done at the other dealer?

Also: This is how they treat employees of one of their Tier One suppliers.

Update: Asheville Ford/their CSM has accused the Indiana dealer of stealing. Both dealers say they are just doing what their CSM says to do and the CSM's don't agree. Called the number provided by the Asheville Ford GM and they agreed with the Indiana dealer, said I had to go to Asheville dealer to get reimbursed, I said do I have to sue, was told it is my right to do so and if I need to, I would have to.


Current status: Never buy a Ford.

Final Update: Ford is sending a check reimbursing the repairs. I do not know where exactly is paying/refunding it. Also not sure which avenue I tried got them to decide to cover it, but I'm getting a check! Wouldn't say I'm happy, but I'm relieved it's over and I'm not out ~$800.