After a couple track days in the Z, it became obvious the brakes are the weakest point on this particular car. Not wanting to or even able to throw $2000 or so into a BBK, I decided to engineer my own.

First off, stock brakes. Single piston, sliding caliper, 296mm x 24mm rotor.

My new parts:


Wilwood Forged Superlite Internal: 4 piston, fixed caliper, forged aluminum, 5.5 lbs.

OEM Brembo sized Power Slot rotor: 324mm x 30mm

When you purchase a BBK, the brackets need for the new brakes have been engineered and included in your kit. So I needed to make my own. One trip down to a local metal supply company and $5 and a lot of measuring, grinding, drilling, tapping and elbow grease, I had my brackets:


Painted for rust protection:

Finally installed on the Z:


The parts list included Wilwood calipers, brake pads, stainless steel brake lines, Power Slot rotors and the metal for the brackets.

Total cost: $550

Doing something yourself and saving money: Priceless