So I have a reservation in on a Tesla Model 3 but realize even tho I’m early it’ll be awhile. So I knew I could get a Leaf for under 10k, but wanted something newer (2014), smaller and more towable, etc. If you drove the Leaf vs either of these let me know in the comments.

These are cute little guys. (Smart not in actual size).

Well I am ready to take the electric plunge now, so I did a review on the 500E vs the SmartForTwo ED before I bought one. It was an interesting comparison.


Although close in size they were very very different cars. Shockingly so almost.

Long and short of it the Smart, much like the regular one, is best for low speed around a large city. The suspension was the roughest part for me which made the 500 feel like a Bentley in comparison. The extra weight and size probably helped.

If you really want to park sideways or the roads are smooth where you, or you like the Smart brand, maybe save the 1k and go w/ the Smart.

For more of my thoughts and in depth info check out my video, and let me know your thoughts below in the comments.

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