Update of the update: I’ve been saved by an angel that shall not be named unless they choose to be! :) <3 Agh, I need to hug them so much!!! My Buell will Blast off again! ...ahem...legally, of course.

I’ve also built a solid case against the impoundment, so I may get the money back from the town, too. Hopefully I do, then I could chalk this up to a learning experience without too much hardship.

I told y’all this motorcycle business would go from 0-100 real quick!

Now my biggest concern is how the tow company handled my bike. Hopefully nobody rode it...not like they could, it only had like 20 miles of fuel remaining.

Original post:

So, I figured out my finances and concluded that this couldn’t have come at a worse time. Like, any other weekend and the bike would be home by now. This means I now have three options:


1. Get a payday loan/title loan.

2. See if a friend has $600 to loan me.

3. Let it be turned over to police and be crushed/auctioned off.

Here is the original post, in case you missed it:


I would rather have option 3 happen before option 1. I hate I hate payday loans and the interest they’re allowed to have in IL should be criminal. At any rate, those crooks require checks and that’s something I don’t ever have. And there’s already a title loan out in my name, anyway (parents got a title loan on their car that is in my name).

I checked all laws local to the town I was stopped in and the impound was practically unavoidable. In any other town, I would have been told to get my license amended and ride safe, or told to get someone to pick up the bike. The town I got stopped in reserves the right to impound you for basically any infraction they feel like.


I also really don’t like being searched every freaking time I am stopped by police. I don’t understand why not having the proper classification is grounds to having my purse and person searched while I sit in a tiny mobile jail cell. This is a thing that’s only started happening after I started transition. Am I *really* that much of a threat?

Meanwhile, I decided to look on Craigslist to see what the prospects are in replacing the bike and I found out that it is quite the unicorn for the price I paid. If this is a lesson I have to learn the hard way, I’ll try to take it in stride and do better next time.


Somehow, still having the scooter is making me even more sad.