Right now modern Bugatti isn’t so much a brand as it is VAG’s nomemclature for it’s symphonic works of engineering. However, both Bugatti and Bentley are so niche that they have no room for growth and market flexibility. Both brands feature design signatures that do not lend themselves to evolution or modernization. But I will admit that both brands do a great job of making vehicles that have the same amount of drama at 200mph as 25mph. They also do a great job of being very stagnant due to clientele, heritage, and design parameters that stifle artistry and freedom of design. (Luckily they arent in a pidgeon hole as narrow as Rolls Royce). Here is my proposition to further both brands through the sharing of similar philosophies and brand equities.

Add wings to the EB logo and you would have a simple and recognizable symbol for Bugatti-Bentley. The two forming one brand focused on the synthesis of speed and comfort. Let the top speeds be the advertising points as they are now. Nothing under 200mph. If it hits 198mph, psh it’s an Audi. Bentley can keep making sedans and coupes that compete with Mercedes-Maybach and Rolls Royce while Bugatti takes on the top end of Aston Martin and Ferrari’s touring models. Im talking a Bugatti model that spefically competes with the Vanquish and options up to fight the Ferrari F12. Perhaps a 4DC that hits between the Rapide and FF as well since I think an A7 flavoured vehicle fits Bentley as much as an A6 styled sedan fits Bugatti. Let the Chiron be the hypercar trophy that elevates both brands directly.

I see Bugatti utilizing Lamborghini platforms and forsaking track prowess for on road comfort, safety tech, and the freedom to use forced induction and, gasp, all electric range (because Lambo won’t do it, though “stealth mode” would be awesome in an Aventador). In fact Bugatti would be a great inbetween for Lamborghini and Bentley. The three brands together could cover every competitor that pops up between $180k to Koenigsegg. Bentley benefits from Bugatti’s brand cache and technology, while Bugatti gets Bentley’s network including the bespoke program for the two models under the Chiron.

But most of all, I think the designers being able to dip into both brands design attributes would open up both brands to far more variety. The kind that actually translates well to a world in which designs need to change extensively in much shorter time spans. LED circles around imaginery headlamps and urinal style front ends just dont hold up well. I think the EXP 10 Speed 6 Concept is a great starting point for ideas on where this Bugatti-Bentley merger could lead.