The Corolla is merely a few dotted I’s and crossed T’s away from sold. The buyer is coming back tonight to pick it up. Had a little peek at the buyer’s address on google maps, oh look! they already have (or had) a same generation Corolla

After a few days on FB Marketplace (and CL blocking the ad from even being posted) on the same day I had two buyers suddenly interested.


Buyer A offered $2000 (I was asking $2450), I countered at $2200, and she declined due to feeling it would need a timing belt soon. She was off to test some other cars and might get back to me.

After this Buyer B said they could be at my house in 30 minutes, I said great!

Before this 30minutes had elapsed Buyer A said she was again interested, as timing belt service on the Corolla would be substantially cheaper than on the Subarus she had just been to see. I relayed that I now had someone else coming to see the car, and would let her know if he decided not to buy.

Buyer B showed up, disappeared with the Corolla for a thorough test drive, came back and made me an offer of $2200. “Done” I said! He left me partial payment and we made plans to meet again tonight to finalize.

I informed Buyer A that Buyer B had bought it. She asked how much, I said $2200 to which she immediately messaged back “I’ll give you $2400 and I’ll come pick it up right now and give you the cash right now.”


DOH! if only she’d played ball literally a half hour sooner. I said I had a deal, but if he fails to pay I’ll let her know. Best to stick to my word than to have potentially flaky Buyer A turn up and then not want the car.

So final cost as of my last post:


It now has 144816 miles, so I put a total of 6,048 miles on it during my tenure.

  • 26.8 miles / day

I spent another $26 on an oil change, and $6 on a wash, so total cost to own was ~$1930. So I’ll come out $270 richer, and drove a car for free half a year :D

  • $8.54 / day ($1930 spent)
  • Or alternatively, it earned me $1.19 / day ($270 profit)

Pupper tax?

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