Buick Enclave Rental Car Review

Holy shit, this thing is crappy. Really, really crappy.


It sucks. It is big and awkward on the road, and manages to feel bigger and awkwarder than it actually is. Everything it it works just badly enough to be infuriating. I actually turned the radio off because it is a pain in my ass. Silence is better. What it lacks in functionality, it makes up for by being boring inside. Seats are horrifyingly uncomfortable, and have a demon possessed lumbar support.

It has that annoying feature where it turns off when it stops, so I feel like I am constantly stalling, and I have to remind myself to turn the engine off, because it shuts off when you stop but you still have to push the button


And this goddamn thing. Who the fuck decided that the basic slushbox shifter, which works perfectly fine, needed a redesign? Particularly a redesign that is counterintuitive and makes everything about it worse. The people who designed this are bad engineers. Hey assholes, if you want to change it up, put it back on the steering column where it belongs. At least that was fun.


In short, this is a shitty car that no one should ever buy. In fact, you should not rent this car. If they offer it, take the little Hyundai instead. Buick, you need to rethink your life. Pumpkin does not approve of your choices.

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