The TLDR of this is that it’s the best Buick I’ve ever driven and the best rental that I have ever driven. Neither of these statements necessarily means much however.

What’s good about the Regal GS: By far the most surprising thing about it is that it feels genuinely quick. I believe the spec sheet lists it at 259 bhp but it certainly was more than adequate. The next best thing to me was the ride quality. There are a number of roads in my area that are bumpy. Not Michigan bumpy, it’s just that they haven’t been resurfaced since Marky Mark was a musician. In my Mustang these roads are annoying, in my G8, they are noticeably bad, in this car it’s easily ignored. Also surprising was how modern it was on the interior. A large screen reads out what XM Radio station and songs are playing. Honestly, though who needs satellite radio, and 8 different rap stations? Interior materials were nice to look at and mostly nice to touch. Seats were comfortable. There was tons of visibility out of the cabin which seems to be lacking these days. It’s an auto with sport shift, which was fine and irrelevant.


What wasn’t so good on the Regal: This is not a drivers car, not really that much of a shock. It is FWD, and there’s something about that which makes me feel like the weight distribution is noticeably off, biased towards the front. Steering is light and serviceable for normal driving but I didn’t feel the need to find any back roads. I also don’t think this car is as roomy as it should be for back seat passengers. I am a tall feller and with me driving, the seat behind me might as well be in my Mustang. Stupid fake heat extractors on the hood as seen in my pictures.

Final thoughts: I had forgotten that this car existed until it was given to me as a rental. I was relieved that they didnt give me the GMC Terrain that I was threatened with initially. With that in mind, I would easily recommend people wanting a FWD daily driver shopping in the low mid $30k range to try it out. It’s definitely not at all like the LeSabre of yore. With all of that said, I still wouldn’t buy one with my money, but I’m not the target audience.