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Buick Sound Advice

Hey guys, a buddy of mine at work has a 2000 Buick Century with the Concert Sound III. So he had a local car audio place put in a new head unit (kenwood) and new rear 6x9 speakers (they’re pretty solid 6x9's Pioneers) and well...it sounds like shit. No taking it back to them isn’t an option because he sat on it for over a year without complaining to them, he just thought the speakers sucked and he made a poor purchase.

I believe theres an inline amplifier in the Concert Sound III, should we try and run wire direct to his upgraded Kenwood head unit, try and upgrade the inline amp?


Thanks guys

UPDATE: I went out and looked in the trunk, the audio place sliced 4 wires off the amp and they aren’t capped and don’t lead anywhere. It was also 6 months ago not a year so he’s bringing it back to them and saying what the hell guys? I mean, I don’t have anything to test with, for all we know there’s 4 live wires in his trunk he’s been riding around with, they don’t match the speaker wire so I don’t even know if they are power.


I’ll let you guys know as the story continues...

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