Buick Super Christmas Hauler

I used the Buick as a Christmas gift hauler today. It was awesome. I’ve never had it out in the winter before, but since the roads haven’t been salted, the worst of it is just getting wet and it’s been through that plenty of times before.

I put my Grand Prix into the barn on Wednesday and took this out and have been using it as my “daily driver” ever since. Tonight it spends one more night in my garage, and then it’s back to the barn before the freezing rain comes and the road crews go salt-crazy. I learned this week that the heater and defroster work amazingly well.

Honestly, I’d love to use this as a cold weather daily driver (at least, just around town, and not in deep snow or on ice...) if no harm would come to it one way or another.


For those unacquainted with this stately old original, here’s an old article Raphy and I put up about it a few years ago:

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