here is the Buick Cascada. It came to the US just recently, despite pretty much being European GM Opel leftovers that had already been on sale in the EU for years. Buick VP Tony DiSalle described it as the brands “halo” car. I knew then that Buick was pretty much done in the US then.

Then come the news that GM sells Opel, (Buick’s vehicle lifeline since GM is too lazy to actually invest in unique products for the brand) to the French. Whats going to happen now? It has to force GM to give them products unique to the brand right? I don’t really think so. In fact at this point, I would be fine if Buick went away.

The brand is in a weird gray area that I thought the bankruptcy shuttering of brands would have helped fixed, but all it did was consolidate nonsense. They took Pontiac away and in doing so had Chevy take up the role, which in turn gives Chevy performance cars and more mass market vehicles. Then they take Oldsmobile away because they were stepping on each other’s toes with the near luxury market. But then give the more luxurious models to China for Buick and hold it back here in the US. Keeping the brand in a weird gray area of not quite a Chevy, Not quite a Cadillac and giving us old rebadged vehicles that have been on sale in Europe for years.


Every single vehicle in the Buick lineup can be had or done for the same or better at Chevy or Cadillac. Why get a Lacrosse, when an Impala Premier is literally the same vehicle and can be had for cheaper? A loaded Lacrosse at this point actually steps on the toes of the XTS, which like itself and the Impala are the same car. ( and when I say this I’m speaking of exterior and interior dimensions, certain design elements as well as riding on the same platform). It makes more sense to get an XTS at that point. The only vehicle I think that’s worth saving and is sort of uniqueness Buick is the Enclave, but even then, its one of 3 similar vehicles.

Buick now is a left over of old GM, existing solely for China. Their recent announcement of giving a “sub-brand the name Avenir as a sort of top of the line luxury trim for their models looks to be a last ditch effort while they think where to go next with the absence of their life blood Opel.We all know how well they do in China though.. I still don’t get. But in the position that they are in, any way they go will step on either Chevy’s or Cadillac’s. Near luxury doesn’t work anymore. Either go full and take a gamble by giving us something worthy of one of the oldest American nameplates,or go home.