Buick's latest Facebook FAIL

I'm beginning to think that the folks running Buick's PR haven't the foggiest idea about Buick's history. They can't seem to tell the difference between their iconic '63 Riviera and the '78 Regal Sport Coupe.


Back in October, they posted a press release on the Regal's 40th anniversary a month after the car's 41st anniversary. Oops.

Now I'm a big Buick fan, as my handle might suggest. So it's a little bit dismaying that the people responsible for getting the rejuvenated brand's message out there, the folks who are supposed to help find a new audience for Buick, make mistakes like this.


When the 2011 Regal was announced with a manual transmission option, journalists asked the folks at Buick about the last time that Buick offered one. No one could give them an answer. I was dismayed at this, too, since I knew that the last car Buick made with 3 pedals was the 1989 Skyhawk.

So why do I, a 31 year-old accountant who's never worked for Buick or GM, know more about their own history than they do? And what does this say about the folks minding the store?

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