As the name suggests, pick a brand and make yourself a two car garage.

No price limit, just the restrictions of two vehicles and one brand. If the brands are under the same corporation, such as Ram and Dodge, that is fine to pick from both. Try to pick from one brand is at all possible though. My personal picks are as follows.

2016 Camaro 1SS with the sporting options; dual exhaust, 6 piston Brembos, Magnaride, etc. In hyper blue with silver stripes and grey cloth interior. I have never had much fondness for non-roadster coupes, but there is something about the new Camaro that I am in love with. Hate to say it, but I’d take one of these over a Chevy SS sedan.


Second pick is a crew cab, short bed Colorado with the Duramax diesel(or the V6 since I could supercharge it) in green. Z71 package and 4WD. Utility, fuel efficiency, good looks, and a developing aftermarket to make it offroadable if I wanted.

I think Chevy, and by extension GM, is really beginning to become much better under Barra’s leadership and the aftermath of the ignition switch/recall mess. Quality has gone up from what it was, based on my experiences in the Traverse, Cruze, Colorado, and Malibu.


Show me your selections late night Oppos, this is always fun.

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