I recently dug myself into a hole volunteered myself to build a table. As part of earning my architectural licence I need to do community service. In my arch. office we are redoing a kitchen for a food pantry where they will hold nutrition and cooking lessons for kids 12+. I’m trying to get home depot to donate the materials so all items need to be available there.

the table is shaped the way it is so that it can be stored against a curved wall when not in use but still allow space to get around it when in use. I was thinking cedar 4x4 posts and cedar 2x4 horizontal bracing with 1x1 for a storage area under.

I’m not exactly a furniture builder but i’m pretty capable with a hammer. My best thought right now is to use 6" lag bolts thru the 4x4 posts into the horizontal supports (2x4's) but i’m not sure if that will hold together well enough to absorb the abuse of 12 y/o’s.