Build My Forza Garage, Oppo!

I don't know how most of you play your racing games, but I used to only play them default style - exterior chase camera, default automatic transmission settings.

But last week I switched to inside-the-cockpit, full manual transmission (individual buttons for the clutch, to upshift, and to downshift).


Suddenly, the game (Forza Horizon) is a blast. Suddenly, the game feels like a driving simulator, and not a "racing game" with all of it's arcade-y trappings. I feel like I've been reborn in the game and am discovering it for the first time, and I have never enjoyed driving in a video game like I'm enjoying it now.

So I sold all my cars, and I'm starting my garage from scratch with the money. And I want you to do it for me, Oppo.

I have roughly 15 Million credits (dollars) to play with. I'm giving each of you UP TO $100,000 to buy me a car with. The car list, along with prices, is available HERE.


First come, first served. No duplicates allowed, and cheaper cars encouraged. Build me a garage to enjoy driving, Oppo!

EDIT: One car per person, and please tell me why you picked it!

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