Build under way

A few oddities at first, but it seems to be working just fine. It didn’t seem to like the video card until the BIOS was upgraded; the board still had the initial BIOS release from ages ago. It’s kind of nice having the fans on the video card and power supply controlled by the board and/or temperature as its a lot quieter than the same parts in the HP.

None of the fans I have seem to work with this board so I guess a trip to Micro Center Is in order. With that one just sitting on top of the CPU the temps seemed to be just fine in my limited testing according to a specs app I had running. I don’t know if I fully trust it since it was telling me that my 1080 only has 4GB of RAM.


Windows 10 doesn’t seem to be activating. It keeps saying something about problems connecting to the activation server. Since the old computer is dead and this new one is most of the old one but with a different motherboard I figure I should be able to reactivate since the copy of Windows is registered to my account. It was quite nice to Windows reconfigure itself to work with the new hardware without requiring a reinstall; it is almost Mac-like in its ease of use. About friggin time, Microsoft...

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