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Build Your Virtual Race Car Using Actual Blueprints

From Perrinn myTeam official membership letter, for those of you who know this kind of stuff:

YES it would be a great idea to put myP1 car into a simulator or game. You can count on Perrinn to give you access to all the necessary data for that. It would be a great marketing and technical tool for myTeam. The more our design is seen and used, the better for myTeam.

The car has been designed using NX software from Siemens. I want to share the data using universal format like STL and STEP. This way we are not restricting the access to only NX users.

All 2D and 3D drawings produced by Perrinn will be shared. We are in the process of adding them little by little on the myP1 page. The reason why there is not the complete car yet is because we are making sure the way we share is the most efficient. Soon all the car will be there (before LE MANS WEEK). But we won't share data from our suppliers (like tyres, brakes, engine...)

NO there is no PDM (a system that allows collaboration on product design) yet in place. It will be in the future. For the moment we use a simple folder/files exchange system on our website. We don't want to use 3rd party PDM system yet. Unless they sponsor us!...


image owned by Perrinn Ltd., used with permission

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