Imagine if you could customize a car as you saw fit. Body by Pininfarina. LS motor. Japanese electrics. BMW 6-speed. Volvo seats. Well, you can with computers! That happy time has arrived: time to plan out my new computer build. Oppocomp help requested (Oppo+Computer=Oppocomp??)

I’m really just at the beginning stages. Need to find a case that is no more than 18” in height. Dust intake is an issue, so I’ll need one with filters and, since I’m going with a CPU and possibly a GPU liquid cooler, I won’t need lots of front intake to keep things cool.


The Micro-ATX format would seem to work best. Midtowers with full ATX boards might be too tight a squeeze, and frankly I don’t need the extra room and expansion that ATX towers give. Any case recommendations that might fit those parameters?

The case determines the board, but I do know I want to get an ASUS. I’ve used them for 20 years. Will probably splurge and get a ROG board, mostly for the upgraded audio chipset.

CPU would be an i7, but I’m trying to narrow down which one. Wish I could budget for the 8-core, to future-proof my comp, but I’ll likely go with one of the latest 6-cores (Update: A Skylake quad-core seems to be the WTG for future-proofing) RAM would likely be 16 gigs of Corsair Vengance - I’m unusually brand-loyal when it comes to PC parts - with an option on the board to scale that up to 32.


nVIDIA is coming out with some new chipset in the the new year called Pascal, or something, that apparently dropkicks the Titan X in the face. So I think I’ll go with something in the $300 range, and will stick with GeForce cards. Was a long-time ATi user going all the way back to the RagePro but shitty drivers finally sent me over to the other side a couple years ago and I’ve never looked back.


On to the less sexy stuff: Corsair PSU (the one I have in my current rig is 7 years old and still going strong), will have to find what wattage I need later when I add everything up (then add some more). Samsung EVO SSD, will likely splurge on a 500GB instead of the cheaper 250. Two Terabyte Hitachi Deathstar (have had great luck with them over WDs and Seagates). May also get a NAS box later.

Time to upgrade my monitor as well, since my old Synchmaster would let the side down. ASUS makes one with 1.4 hertz and a stupid 1ms response for only around $300.


Comments, questions and especially suggestions welcome!

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