Building a warehouse garage/ Hawaii

A lot of my fellow Oppos talk about and share pictures of the garages they are building, or have acquired and are updating. While I’m planning to build a house and a separate garage on the mainland once I switch jobs and move, I have other plans in place that I haven’t shared yet because there hasn’t been any news...until now.

Today I opened escrow on a small piece of property on the big island of Hawaii.

The lot will get cleared shortly after I close escrow. The plan is to construct a prefab warehouse, and then section off part of the warehouse as a two story apartment+loft space. Also planning for an expansive outdoor living area...lanai, kitchen, propane heated tub, outdoor shower, etc. This is a long term plan, but the lot we wanted came up for sale so I had to make a move on it, as it’s right next to my in-laws property.


After construction is complete, we’ll be able to spend an extended amount of time on the island once I switch to a more telecommute-friendly job. When we’re not there, we’ll airbnb the apartment side (garage will be locked off).

Construction plans are already going forward. We were thinking storage containers, but they’re getting so damn trendy that prices are skyrocketing, so it’ll be cheaper and easier to just go the prefab steel building route. Why prefab or storage container? Well, it’s cheap, easy to construct, super strong, we won’t have to worry about rust or mold, and it can be easily secured when we’re not there. 

Something like this but taller for a second floor. And minus the snow because, you know, Hawaii..

I’ll store at least once vehicle there...will likely ship my truck there once I’ve gone through my todo list for it, then pick up another Super Duty with a junked 6.4 on the mainland for a Fummins build.


I promise to post pics in the future when there is progress to share!

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