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Still doing Windows updates right now, but it’s going to be a screamer, relatively speaking. I’m calling it ‘Lil Monster’. It started life as a $20 mini ITX system with an i5 2500S. I’ve transplanted it into a slightly larger case, but it’ll still be fairly small and will be used as my DVR and Blu-ray player.


Specs are now as follows:

- i5 2500K on an Intel DQ67EP motherboard

- Samsung Evo 840 120 GB SSD boot drive

- Seagate 4 TB data drive

- 16 GB Corsair Vengeance RAM

- Hauppauge 4-tuner PCIe card

- LG Blu-ray drive

- Wireless networking via a mini PCIe card (which I thought also had Bluetooth, but it’s not showing up in device manager 🙄)


I’m a little worried about the cooling in such a small space but it does have a thin CPU fan and the fan from the power supply either blowing air onto that fan or sucking it away from the CPU. There was some warning when I first started it with the new CPU saying that CPUs greater than 65W TDP (like the stock i5 2500S) might not be supported without additional cooling capabilities.

Updates are taking flippin’ forever, as is to be expected for something running Windows 7. Yes, I know I should upgrade to 10, but right now I need Windows Media Center, and will switch when I come up with a viable alternative to that. Right now the old Dell 980 is just too slow and is driving me crazy, even with all of its memory and CPU upgrade. I’ll be happy to retire that dinosaur, or at least demote it to a less stressful life than it’s experiencing now.

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