It’s a $100 Ridley blast frame I tried to make as a budget build...while it has a carbon fiber fork. I threw it together in a little over an hour (with some fellow shop mates). It’s going to be my trail bike and my (insane) college commuter for the next 4 years..

It has an early 90s Shimano Acera derailleur which somehow was not raided for parts by the mechanics, the cheapest cranks I could EP from Shimano ( Alivio), Shimano hydraulic brakes (Alivio and they were dirt cheap), a set of wheels I picked up for 70 bucks, Maxxis Holy Rollers (they grip amazingly), base end Ritchey handlebars, oury grips, and stuff I found around. It’s a bit insane...but this thing is a great bike to throw around and beat around.