What kind of cars do you like? Why do you like them? Do you find yourself walking past very nice cars at car shows saying "My car was built not bought." and scoffing at the guy who paid a very skilled professional car builder to make him a beautiful ride? When you visit a friends house do you berate them for not having built their house by themselves? Have you actually made every part of your car by yourself? Did you assemble your engine? Why do people like a car that is built by the person instead of one that is paid for? Do you have ambitions of building cars for a living someday? If so, you better get over the "built not bought" mentality pretty soon.


I watched the movie Transcendence a while back. Great movie. Of course I wondered how I could link this with cars. People and machinery are rebuilt with nanobots in the movie. Every problem is solved very quickly with the knowledge of the a deceased Dr. Will Caster's character living in a computer and nano-bots.

What if this type of technology was realized? It is certainly progressing that way with 3-D rapid prototyping technology and 3-D machining. Have you seen the Local Motors 3-D printed car? I thought it was incredible. Does this technology remove some of the "know how" from skilled trades? Like welding, metal forming and engine tuning.


I really don't think so. I think a lot of contempt people show for bought not built cars comes from feelings of inadequacy,which I think are unfounded. Most people don't walk around and make negative comments about your built cars. "Oh you built that and didn't buy it, how crude" is not often heard at car shows.

Likewise, people often enjoy dissing cars of a different style, cars from a different continent or cars that have questionable (to the "seasoned" enthusiast) modifications. I'll be the first to share. I had red windshield wipers and red lighted gas and brake pedals in my car when I was 16. I have since moved on from those mods. I also fantasized about all manner of distasteful modifications when I was younger, most of which never came to fruition because of lack of money.



My overall point is, lets stop the judgement. Just because you don't care for another persons car, doesn't give you free reign to chastise them for their choice. Live and let live.


Maybe if the car culture was more inviting and less exclusive, we'd have more young kids wanting to join it instead of gravitating towards other hobbies.

What was the most distasteful mod you made to your car ever?

Think about that the next time you see a car you don't like.

They are still a car person, whether you like it or not.

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