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Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the most bullshit argument in the history of arguing.

The developer behind this road is saying that the mayor had to give it to him because, and I am not making this up “Rioboo owns the rights to the precast pillars used on the construction.” Okay. This guy just claimed that no one else is allowed to make bridges or elevated roadways because he owns the rights to precast concrete pillars.

(Muffled scream)


Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, a man who might be my next president, was Mexico City’s mayor many years ago, and after failing to attain the presidency twice and creating a new party that is againts the “power mafia” yet is being filled up with corrupt legislators, murderous union bosses, and an alleged kidnapper, he decided “fuck it, third time’s the charm!” and ran again.

Obrador, who is a supposed “socialist” is being questioned for the sole large infrastructure project his administration made: an elevated, high speed, private vehicle only, privatized, toll road that connected large swaths of the city in lieu of effective public transportation: The Second storey of the Peripherial Road of Mexico City, also known as “El Segundo piso”

Obrador is defending himself from claims that he gave contracts to developing company “Rioboo” for nefarious reasons, to this Ricardo Anaya, another asshole in his own right, showed a picture of Obrador with the owner of Rioboo and also one of the contracts for around 17 million dollars, which is a very small sum of money.

The thing is, most of the information regarding the construction of this colossal middle finger to citizens without cars is still secrete, as the tool used to create it, the Mexico City roadways trust fund (I have called it the highway fund in other posts), does not allow for review.


The contracts have been audited various times with muted results, but a 2002 request for investigation by Mexico City’s assembly resurfaced today and, well. It has not gone well.

Anaya’s party requested for the investigation, but it had to go through the transport secretary, who said they could not investigate Obrador while he served as Chief of Government. They found this man and he said that we should not be turning over such old data.

Rioboo’s argument that he’s patented concrete pillars does scan because one of the few ways to avoid public contests for construction projects is if the company is the sole provider of the technology. Because obviously Rioboo was the sole provider of concrete pillars in all of Mexico.


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