Went out to dinner with a bunch of friends Sat night, and got into a car conversation with a dude at the table I’d just met. He told us about his test drive of a new Corvette, which I assume occurred recently. According to him, the test drive started with him performing 3 - 5 smoky donuts (the number depended on who he repeated this to) right on the dealer lot. Now, having worked at a dealer, I’m pretty sure a stunt like that ends the test drive and the pilot is told to kindly fuck off. So Corvette Guy’s story continues with getting stopped by police driving the car home from the dealership. He told us the cop wanted to see under the hood, so he pulls the release and all that’s there is his golf bag. In the frunk.

Aha, you say. Shouldn’t there be an engine be up front? Well this was a 2020 Corvette, which is why the cop allegedly wanted to see it. I was ready to drop the boom on this idiot and remind him that production doesn’t start for two more months and no dealer has any of these cars anywhere yet. My wife could tell exactly what I was about to do, and I got a nudge under the table - the universal sign of don’t say anything. So, with great restraint I smiled and said “That’s some story ya got there” and did my best to ignore the twat for the rest of the night. Never try to bullshit a car guy when talking about cars.

::end rant::

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