Just watched the latest in the Michael Bay Robotic Explosions franchise.

Easily the best one to date, it actually had a coherent plot and character development. The fight scenes could actually be followed, and the transformations became less fluid-nano-swarm and were quite a bit simpler, with recognizable car parts visible even in the Transformers’ robotic forms.

To paraphrase one of the big name critics, this is the live-action Transformers movie that kids of the 80s have been waiting to see.

And while he only had a few minutes of screen time, Optimus Prime is a proper COE in this one; to say nothing of Bumblebee’s triumphant return (preturn?) as a classic Beetle.


Hailee Steinfeld is the lead human, and she does a great job as an emotional teen who misses her dearly departed dad.

In summation: A+ would recommend for anyone who likes giant robots that turn into 1980s vehicles. It won’t win any Oscars but it won this 80s kid’s heart.