A friend of the family ran into some bad luck last snowfall.. I watched him grow up, and his Dad had a sweet 1985 4x4 that got me hooked on Toyota trucks. This was his clean 1987 SR5;

That’s my old bush guard, winch, and lights off of my 86 up front..

Anyways, a couple weeks ago in the fresh snow he was at the back of a four car pile up.. He’s alright but the truck looks like this now;

Doesn’t look like much but because multiple cars were involved ins is involved. He’s not at fault, but they just got the quote back; $3977 - hood, fender, light, grille, bumper.. and that doesn’t include front crossmember/frame repair if it turns out to be damaged.

KBB tops out at $3500, other classifieds in show $1000-4000.. rules changed and written off vehicles go straight to auction.

Doesn’t look good for this little truck.