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Bumper madness

It screams at me

As I’ve mentioned, the ugliest part of this car — other than the driver — is the rear bumper. The paint job is starting to flee from the plastic and chips if you just look at it. I and the previous owner a virtually certain that this is not the original bumper.

Good job, doggo

My wife was the one who suggested I get it repainted. “It’s just TOO NICE of a car to have that.” So I went to the body shop I’ve used for many years.

Here’s what I got:

- for them to sand it down and repaint: $815

- for them to install a new factory bumper: $1135

- for them to order a new bumper and I install it myself: $535

Obviously option 3 sounds the best, but I’m not confident in my skills to replace a plastic bumper on a nice car. Also, the sedan bumper is different, so nice dice finding one laying around somewhere.

I could just leave it? No, I can’t do that. Any advice? I don’t think there’s any stopping the chipping.

Also here’s a garden and doggo photo


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