Bumper Opponions please

I dug the bumper I bought for the Range Rover our of the corner of my garage. I bought it when I first got the car 2 years ago and due to being dumb, didn’t realize it was made for trucks with 2” body lifts. Opting to not put a lift on the car, I was thinking I would take the bumper somewhere and have a professional fabricator move the mounting points up 2”.

Recently I’ve been thinking that I could probably do the job myself. All I have is my Harbor freight 90 amp flux core welder and I’m wondering if:

A) The flux core welder can make strong enough welds to withstand winching, strapping or heavy impacts


B) If I posses the necessary skills to make strong welds

C) If I even want to put this thing on the truck at all

On the plus side, I did weld up just about every part of the floor over the past year. I feel like I could make some clean and deep welds, especially on the more forgiving, thicker steel. I’m more worried that the flux core won’t be up to the task.

Here’s some pics of the mounting points.


I bought this thing right after I bought the truck because I was excited and had big plans for it as everyone does. In reality this thing won’t be off road much. Camping trips and some trips to the Daniel Boone forest trails in Kentucky, but there’s really no need for such a massive bumper. This thing must way 150lbs and the guy I bought it from said he used it to smash into trees on his farm. Its been on Chicago Craigslist now for about 2 months with no takers except one guy who wanted to know if I was parting out the rest of the truck. Great. So seeing as it would be a pain to sell it, and I already own it. I figure I can at lest try to fix it myself.


A picture from when I first put it on lookin goofy af. It was moving day, hence the bed on the roof. 

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