Plus - my bumper matches now. Minus, despite using adhesion promoter, primer, then paint and clear coat, and giving it a few days to cure a slight brush with a pressure washer took a chunk of paint off of my lip. Don’t get why paint won’t stick to the damn thing. Other minus: I didn’t notice until after I laid down my color base coat that somehow there were still a ton of sanding marks in the paint that didn’t show up after several coats of filler primer and block sanding that somehow didn’t get rid of them. Fuck it. Close enough for now. I give up on this fucking shit. It would have looked goddamn amazing the first time I tried this shit if I was actually given paint that matched.

Looks alright from a few feet away.

It’s hard to capture on camera but the finish has a mottled finish to it from the sanding marks and some uneven places. So damned annoying. I also have to still clean off the dry clearcoat overspray (where the particles dry before they hit the surface and form a white haze) somehow, probably with acetone and a paper towel. I dunno what to do with this damn lip though. I’ve done everything I can think of to make paint stick to it but it continues to defy me. I cleaned it off with acetone to remove any residue from the manufacturing process and scuffed it up with a 120 grit sanding sponge thing and some 600 grit paper to give it texture for the paint to bite into. Still not sticking. Ugh.