Bumper Repaint - Before & After

Meow previously lived in the deserts of New Mexico, so it has had some cosmetic issues that I’ve always wanted to address. The interior chrome trim bubbling and the sticky plastic buttons were taken care of under warranty, but now it’s time to start on the exterior.

Here are a few before/after shots of the latest activity, repainting the front bumper (faded and sandblasted from driving in the desert) and side mirror caps (fading and delaminating).


This was just done at my local Maaco, which did a decent job and the owners are a lovely old retired-looking couple just having a good time. They did nick a piece of my window chrome trim, which I just discovered and will be calling them about tomorrow. Hopefully it’s a quick fix.


Next will be a single-stage paint correction and headlamp lens restoration.  I’ve also ordered a new grille chrome surround.

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