Burgled again

After 5 years of relative security, my Jeep was violated for the second time this year. This time in a wide open parking lot in bright daylight with plenty of cameras, so if I really want to I’m sure I can get a look at the crackhead (yes, I’m projecting, but it’s a not-unreasonable assumption).

Bunch of change (probably >$10), the cupholder insert the coins were in, a pocket tool, and my gym bag. None of it consequential, all of it annoying.


I’m going to start limiting even further the stuff I carry with me regularly, but in the winter I carry a lot with me for emergencies (and given how frequently the Jeep suffers from mechanical difficulties and how far into the boondocks I travel to enjoy the snow, emergencies in the winter can be genuine emergencies). I probably should install the hard top in the winter, but what an incredible pain in the ass that is.

1978 Blazer pic for your trouble. And it was for sale if you want me to send you a phone number.

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