I was talking to an elderly classic car enthusiast (and perhaps owner), and long time resident of the Lions Club of Burlington.

He says that up until this year, Burlington used to have weekly classic car meets, most current at MapleView Mall lot. Apparently, the property owners no longer allowed them to hold car meets there anymore for some reason. They are struggling to find another location big enough to house the weekly meet.

He said something along the lines of years back, they would ring in around 200 cars per week. Quite a large weekly show of gorgeous cars in the summer months.

And he said even years before that, they would bring 500 cars per week (his number was 500), making it one of the largest weekly car meets in Canada.

And now, Burlington just has a few classics rolling around and an Annual Meet (this past Saturday) of about 80 classic cars.


Even as I drive around, there are very few classics left cruising about. I see enough to count on my fingers in a 20 mile cruise.

Interest just dropped? What happened?