I drove my parents corolla last week, wasn’t a good experience. It hadn’t been driven in a month or two (they live out of state so it resides at my house). I took it for a test drive, and a horrible scraping noise came from the axle, but went away after I increased speed. Then I got a whiff of a smell that seemed to remind me of a combination of rubber and plastic for the rest of the trip.

From what we can figure, the passengers front brake rubbed against the steelie, heating it up via friction; namely because it was hot to the touch. It heated up the tire and melted the hubcap, resulting in the pics you see.


You can clearly see where it touched the steelie. On the return trip from the test drive, the brakes stopped working properly as well. The corolla is usually really touchy with the brakes, but I had to put my foot all the way down to initiate them.

Interesting experience. 1/10, would not want to do again.

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