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BURN, High School Chemistry. Burn.

Not even remotely on topic, but hey: That’s what Oppositelock was created for in the first place.

I just wrote my grade 12 Chemistry final exam, a course I only realized I didn’t need until after it was too late to change out of it. It’s over now, praise be, and I am super pumped. Chemistry just isn’t my thing, and while I respect it, it just doesn’t interest me in terms of future careers. I know what I’m doing, and it has nothing to do with Dipole-Dipole this or Hybridization that. The teacher is a nice guy, too, just not a great, well, teacher.


Now on to the next semester. I’m happy to move on, and to celebrate, I burned the greatest cause of my recent stress in a small garbage can:

It was quite a relief. Now, I wait to see if I’ve passed or not.

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