Burning it all down....

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It’s been a year, and my Dell Inspiron 15 7559 “gaming” is still stuck on version 1607. I had some weird crap with a failed/recovered/uninstalled Mcafee issue (anyone who has dealt with this knows exactly what I mean...) that has left my registry minorly fucked in a seemingly un-repairable way since shortly after upgrading to the Anniversary Edition. I have, as a result been unable to upgrade to Creators Update successfully. I continually get the black screen with cursor issue and I have tried every fix the internet has to offer.



The machine runs fine on 1607, but won’t upgrade to a 170x version. you name it I have tried it... graphics drivers, in, out, disabled, uninstalled, driver-cache flushed, uninstall, install, disable services, safe-mode, DISM hacks, live-image replacements, blah. blah. blah..... the one thing I haven’t tried yet? Reformat and clean install. The fact that the machine runs absolutely fine on 1607 and that NO ONE ELSE with a 7559 seems to have this problem (plenty of other people, but not Dell 7559 owners, and even most of them seem to have been able to solve it with the DISM tools and/or graphics driver cleanup) makes me believe it’s time to bite the bullet and do it.


I wish to hell that a Windows restore was as seamless as an Apple Time Machine recovery, but we all know it isn’t... I’ve got some tools that should help me restore from my recovery image INTO the newly installed OS (lapLink PCMover Disk + Image toolkit), but I’m not holding my breath.

wish me luck. The Win 10 install USB is almost ready...


(I have no fewer than six other devices, so I won’t be oppoless, but this is my main machine and I don’t relish rebuilding it from scratch)

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