. . . my warranty.

Not my car, photo found on VWVortex.

On my way to work this morning I passed 18,000 miles, halfway through my basic warranty. I’ve owned the 2016 VW GTI for 13 months. At least the powertrain warranty is 5 years/60,000 miles, I’m only 30% through that.


The most annoying thing I’d like to get fixed, if possible, is the warm-weather rattle from the driver’s door, which I thought I got rid of, but which is back. I am going to leave the fairly quiet cold-weather squeak in the sunroof alone.

Other than that rattle, I’m still very, very happy with my purchase. In the past, I would already be thinking about purchasing other vehicles after about a year (then I would not do anything because I can be stubborn), but that is not the case here.

And I know that the main limitation with the car is the driver, because my autocross competitor with a virtually identical set-up is consistently 2% faster than me (sometimes 4%). Otherwise it will carry almost anything I want (including easy dog access to the back seat), accelerate as fast as I like, and will return great fuel economy as a daily driver.

I guess I hope that I put the miles on so quickly that any reliability issues are more related to time rather than use, and maybe I can avoid the more dramatic possibilities. The car is worth the risk for me, though.

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