Took my car (Mazda 3) in for an oil change this morning for an oil change. Everything went smoothly except they washed it when I said not to. Then I got in my car.

It smelled so bad I nearly threw up. My first thought was someone had really bad BO and not wanting to offend anyone combined with the need to get to work I rolled down the windows and left.

After a little airing out the smell refined from punch me the nose bad to where I could actually define it: burnt clutch. I immediately called and discussed it with the service department. They said they’d talk to the people and offered a free oil change.


My question: is there any long term or short term damage? I’ve never ridden a clutch to the point it smells but have been in cars with people learning stick so that’s how I recognized it. There’s still a smell emanating from the transmission side of the engine several hours and about 80 miles later.