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Burnt Out (Repost for the morning crowd)

Welp the wife texted me Monday night while I was working on the van. The car was stuck at Family Dollar. She said it wouldn’t back up.

I go check it out, the passenger rear brake is hanging up in reverse. Great, add brakes on the list of shit the car currently needs. Right along with suspension work, fuel system revamp, and tires.


Add all that on top of trying to get my van back up to par. Meanwhile we’re racking miles on the new van.

I am honestly burnt out of working on things at this point. I would like to be spending time with the kids right now as the weather is great, but I can’t do that because I have to fix this shit!


I wish she would pull her head out of her ass and realize we need one decent vehicle in the driveway and the $150-200/month payment on that 2018 Charger would be worth it.


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