Bus or not bus; I chose car and had a tire burst

On tonight’s shitpost hour: should I take the bus to uni tomorrow?

Benefits of the bus:

1. Substantially cheaper

2. I get to look down at lesser motorists as the bus cuts them off

3. I can listen to NPR and read the news at the same time

4. Way better for the environment and for congestion


1. Substantially longer ride

2. Much less comfortable

3. Inflexible timetables

4. Louder

5. Is that dude falling asleep on my shoulder?


Benefits of the car:

1. I can have my butt cooled/heated

2. I can leave whenever I want

3. I can accelerate past 50km/h

4. I can sing along to Cage The Elephant without anyone judging me


1. Parking

2. Fuel/toll/parking cost

3. Having to deal with busses

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