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Bush Mechanicing (updated)

I broke it, Oppo.

Turns out that the tyres are tubeless and I pulled one of the rear tyres off the rim and one of the diff lock chains off the rear axle...which is now out of alignment.


So no getting to the ‘shed’. It’s a paddock repair...

This machine is Italian made...wish me luck!!

Update: almost fixed! Chain is back on and the diff lock axle realigned. Tyre is awaiting the electrician to finish wiring up a new 15 amp socket in the old shed so I can run my air compressor (she should be done with it in the next hour or so). I also greased up the steering to try and lighten up the action...

...by Crikey, it’s a weird machine. So much quality manufacturing undone by stupid detailing and odd solutions. The frame has so many brackets it makes Binky look simplistic and all of them catch dirt, sand and grass clippings. Oh and the paint job is rubbish so there’s now quite a bit of bare rusting metal...I’m thinking of calling it Stelvio.

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