SuperPro inserts for the forward subframe bushings on a 1992 Lexus Sc400. A brief explanation would be: They are reasonably priced and work amazingly well. I definitely would recommend them if your looking into solid mounts already or have ruined bushings.

Not the exact ones I bought, but an example.

There are 4 subframe bushings on SC’s and Supra’s, these inserts fit in the two forward bushings. There are also two rear bushings the difference between the two being that the forward bushings are part of the subframe and the rear bushings can be unbolted from the chassis and subframe.


They cost a little less than $40 shipped. Once unpackaged your looking at a plastic bag with 4 little polyurethane circles, one for the top and bottom of the bushings. (no pics because I was lazy).

The lower insert in


Installation consisted of backing the car onto ramps, removing the subframe forward bolts and then jacking the car up. This way as the car comes up the subframe will sag down which will give you room to install the upper inserts. Once the cars up just push the upper inserts in(not alot of force necessary because they fit perfectly). Than lower the car back onto the ramps, push the lower inserts into place and reinstall the bolts. Done. Overall it took mmmmaybe 45 minutes because I was being slow.

A bad picture of the upper insert.


Fitment: I already alluded to the fact that they fit perfectly but I’ll say it again. The Fit and finish was perfect, they slotted into place with no issue, had the correct relief cut into the upper insert and had no play inside the bushing.

Result: I went from feeling the suspension move basically all the time(from a stop, mid corner, over bumps, crests) which made the car feel very sloppy. The effects of the inserts was felt immediately just pulling forward off the ramps, the whole rear of the car no longer moves around when the clutch engages. Generally the car feels much tighter and cornering is nicer(hard to explain how other than less slop). Im guessing that the subframe still flexes but the amount is negligible compared to what it was before.


I’d say inserts are a very good alternative to solid mounts. They cost much less, are easier to install, and do 80% of the job if not more. And if you still want a little play they may be a better option.(if no full poly bushings exist)