Work order notes: digital video recorder will not boot.

Diagnostic notes:

(Can you smell the melting e-tape?)

Circuit breaker (in fuse holder and taped up) repeatedly tripping to the point of fluttering and overheating, melting inline fuse holder. Proper protection not in place, replace with 15a single use fuse as holder is designed to operate with.

Disassemble DVR to remove downstream components such as power conditioner and auxiliary Y-taps in the hopes of isolating the short in a progressive manner. (You tech guys know this as pulling things out until the computer achieves post). Remove DVR-side connections from power conditioner after removing power conditioner from improper location under the DVR as opposed to in agreed upon engineering standard.


(It's under all that, wayyyyyy under)


(much better)

Apply power. Short still evident. Remove conditioner from loop and substitute known good. Short still evident. Remove all upstream from power and ignition feed. Apply power. Short still evident.



Disassemble conduit and bulkhead routing the length of 40ft bus. Expose wires from bundle. Probe and physically test conductor along length of travel for evidence of decay, abrasions, or outright exposed conductor. Inch by inch.


Prior installer routed main cable bundle through bulkhead by rip sawing hole and running cables through. All cables showing signs of damage due to lack of protection.




Perform repair of damaged cabling, re-route, and protect properly. Reassemble bundles and conduits.


Re-assemble dvr unit. Boot successfully and log in.

Time: four hours.

Bill to previous contractor.

Tell me why my fucking business degree prepared me more for diagnosing and protecting heavy duty electrical systems more than your fucking instrumentation technologist degree apparently prepared you to install them?


You don't let exposed cable rub on a goddamn jagged piece of metal, you fuck. 101 shit.