Yesterday and today, Mrs. Shoe Pilot’s busted ass Honda wagon has been awesome. SO MUCH ROOM FOR ACTIVITIES!!

Last night, I brought home enough electrical supply stuff from Home Depot to do pretty much the entire electrical build out in my workshop, including 150 feet of 4/0 4/0 2/0 service entry cable. That chunk of cable is pretty damn big, and there was also 160 feet of conduit strapped to the roof, and 6 big ass light fixtures in the back.

Then, this morning I went to the supply house and brought home a 21 foot long chunk 4" galvanized steel pipe. The guy at the supply house forklifted it onto the roof rack and I strapped it down. The rack is definitely fucked now, but it held together well enough to get the pipe home. I seriously underestimated how crazy heavy it was when I unloaded it by hand. Gravity made it easy to get on the ground, but pushing it up into vertical is going to be a bear.

Yeah, it’s a wagon. I know it’s supposed to be useful. But I’m still really happy with how useful it is. I thought I was going to have to borrow a pickup truck, and I DIDN’T HAVE TO.