On Thursday I got Rat-L-Trap moving under her own power.


Next thing I need to do is figure out how to get her road legal.

On Friday I went up to my Dad's house to grab a few of his belongings. Managed to score some 3 ton jack stands, a set of ramps, a chain saw, a bad ass steel griddle for my gas stove, a box of Dremel bits/accessories. Looks like he left behind a bunch of big block Chevy parts. Must've been 20-30 pistons and 3 sets of headers. Not sure what to do with those.

Saturday and Sunday were spent in general puttering. I did not get to celebrate on Saturday as my wife was on call and I would have to be responsible for the children if she got called in. I did manage to chop down a couple trees and clean them up.

The chainsaw I got from my dad's is a McCulloch Mac 10-10. Unlike mine, it is metal. It needs a couple parts. It looks like the sprocket flew apart, the chain snagged and it destroyed the adjustment screw. Also, it is missing a muffler.

Set about cleaning up the griddle. It appears to be stainless steel and will shine up real nice. I've been grinding off years of carbon build up ( Gross, Dad! ) and it is starting to look nice.


Oh, I got my die grinder in the mail. It's like a Dremel on 'roids. I'm pleased.