In preparation for yet another trip, I decided to make today the day I get a LOT of crap done. First, with Phil!

He has a warranty visit today, in which they will attempt to fix:

- The car’s alignment (steering got a little off center after an extremely windy day).
- Adjust passenger door’s latch (pull it in a little to prevent the whistling in wind).
- Replace faulty fuel tank/fuel sensor.
- Fingerprint embedded in clearcoat (may have to take a pass on that because you know, ice cold and all that).
- Cracked bonnet latch.
- Get a confirmation on what that weird hollow noise coming from the left rear wheel is.


I also have some devices on my desk at work (including the 6P I took the pic with). I expect some downtime today, during which I’m going to:

- Jailbreak the iPhone 4.

- Remove the Alpha install of CM11 from the Galaxy Tab, replace with another ROM.


- Attempt to circumvent the permanent bootloader lock on the Droid Mini (thanks VZW) to install CM.

So far, I’ve removed Nougat on the 6P, which used to look like this:


Which now looks like this thanks to CM13 (which will hopefully update to CM14 soon):


What are you all up to today?

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