Busy Weekend (Or Not So Much)

Well, off to my weekend.

Start off going to Menards tonight to get paint for the kid’s swingset.

Tomorrow I’m tearing into the van to fix the leaky gaskets. Hopefully it’s just intake gasket as I suspect, but I’m twistedly hoping it’s the HGs so I have an excuse to mill/port/polish the heads.


Depending on how that goes I’ll either be into that all weekend or I’ll have her done tomorrow and we’ll finish up the swingset.

Once the leaky is taken care of, I can proceed into fixing the rust and ordering new rear springs. Likely won’t get it painted this year, but I am hoping to at least have new rockers made and welded in before it gets too cold.

Minivan fun for your time:


Update: Well, we went to Menards and got the paint for the swingset. That was the extent of this weekend’s accomplishments. Yay WI weather and no garage.

You can all tell me how worthless I was, I deserve it. 

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