Yes, I am a Mopar fan. Yes, I always loved the early 70’s shaker scoop on the ‘Cuda’s and Challengers. How could you not?

And yes the original one was functional. So I assumed the new one was. I didn’t rush out and buy one, as I have other car stuff going on. But the thought of picking up a used one some day was certainly something I’d consider. So I never looked at it that closely, until I happened upon this a few minutes ago.

I am crushed.


Okay, so its sort of functional. All kinds of articles are calling it functional. But there’s not too much difference from the standard air box intake set up to the Shaker air box intake. I’ll call it 20% function, 80% hood art.


Of course I like the art, but not just for the sake of art. I’m no longer crushed, let’s just say on the fence.