"But the Model 3 isn't a luxury car, you can't make that comparison to luxury cars"

BMW 3 MSRP = $33, 450

Audi A4 MSRP = $34,900

Mercedes C300 MSRP = $39,500

Suspected Model 3 MSRP $35,000

All base prices, in USD.

So what is it fanboys? Are the German 3 just poser cars that aren’t luxury, or is the Model 3 luxury?


Seeing all the “but its only 35k and isn’t really luxury” excuses for anything the car has/doesn’t have is getting annoying. Shit doesn’t cut both ways, either the segment it competes in is luxury or its not.

By this ass backwards logic, is the S or X not luxury either? Is that the tagline to use whenever someone says something is wrong with the car?


I see the circlejerk went from brown, diesel, manual wagons to Tesla.

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