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But what can I run on Medium?

I’m currently part of Drivetribe’s Creators Programme, which helps me reach a bigger audience for the diecast topics I write about, as well as sim-racing and general automotive news while earning some money for myself. I’m a little satisfied with my hit rate for now, but I know I have to expand my writing to cover more topics outside cars and collecting, and it’s looking like can do that for me. But how?


Now, don’t get me wrong: I’m still a full-time student and my university work takes precedence over potentially even my easier-to-do DT gaming news items (that grab more engagement and hit the global front page anyway). 


But at some point, I’ll write in a non-automotive space (like tech, literature or politics) and want to have a viable second option for writeups in those areas. For now, as a reserve, do you think Medium is a great place to post in? What’s a comparable site? And if I do wind up writing that “Why Jeepneys Are Great” article, would Jalopnik run it if I ask Rory or Torch?

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