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But What Does HammerheadFistpunch Have to Say About It?


Yes, I’m back and I’ve heard you again. What do you think of the new Ranger? You ask.

Crap on a stick you people and your complaints. I mean, not YOU people but youpeople. Imma make this crystal clear - THE OLD SMALL TRUCKS ARE GONE. The old ranger is buried and dead.

When the ranger was a thing manufactures were scrambling to find a way to meet your cries of building a more commodious, family friendly truck...then you all bought the crap outta them and still do.

They don’t make a tiny, cramped single cab long bed with 1 ton payload for the 10 people that say they’ll buy them?


I mean, yeah its a bigger truck than many were hoping for, but sit 5 guys in there or 2 kids in car seats and complain a little about its size okay?


Frankly this truck is pretty appealing on its own merits. It outengines and out transmissions every thing in its class (cept a 6 speed manual in the Tacoma).

They were wise to make a selectable rear locker optional, beats out the auto locker in the canyon and neatly matches the Tacoma and *snigger* Frontier.


I really like the Crawl...er...Trail Control option as well.

I wouldn’t buy one, but its not because I don’t think it will be a good truck...

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